Crystal Cleanser Dem

Dem’s parents work in the harvesting of the highly valued power crystals, but they often harvest crystals which are burned out.  When they are burned out they are good only for costume jewelry and there is almost no market for those.  Many of the burned out crystals are thrown away, so Dem’s father brings him … More Crystal Cleanser Dem

Aarn Becomes A Man #4

And now, the exciting conclusion to this great short story… Then the shock dissipated, followed by confusion, then something Aarn could not read at all. “But we are at different social classes.  Can you afford the dowry that would be demanded?” “Don’t concern yourself with that.  The question before you is would you consider such … More Aarn Becomes A Man #4

Aarn Becomes A Man

In the first installment of my most popular short story,  Aarn struggles with the task his father has set him.  He is to evict a family from a piece of land they have been farming for his family. “They are deadbeats Aarn, and we cannot afford to have deadbeats.  You will evict them today.” “Father, … More Aarn Becomes A Man

Corporal Xasl #5

And now, the exciting conclusion to this great story… Sergeant, yes sergeant.” Okay, this will be a battlefield rules tournament.  That means the only limits are, no death blows, and no breaking of bones.  Anything else is allowed.  Each session will consist of two 3 minute rounds.  If there is no tap and no knockout … More Corporal Xasl #5

Corporal Xasl #4

In the fourth installment of this great story, Xasl is named squad leader and has to deal with malcontents in the squad. And the whole squad went silent waiting for him to lead them out and back for meal break. He looked at the clock and waited until they had just enough time to get … More Corporal Xasl #4

Corporal Xasl #3

In the third installment of this great story, Xasl is forced to take a leadership role and help others to survive basic training. Xasl saw the recruit at the top of the ladder jump at the Sergeant’s response and stared in horror as she lost her footing and slammed down onto the shoulders of the … More Corporal Xasl #3