Continuing The Journey

Power Colors Saga Digital 2

The process of trying to find an agent and get my new series pushed through the traditional publishing cycle continues to drag on, but I am committed to getting that done. In the mean time, I felt it was time to move forward with the Power Colors books and have restarted my efforts to complete the next book in that series.  I fully expect to have Alla’s Journey ready for publication by fall.

A quick update on the Darth Chronicles…. The second book in the series The Great Healer is now in final editing and will likely be ready to go by the time the first one, Thrice Burdened goes to press. I have begun working on the third in the series, Wizard’s Way and will continue to work on it in parallel with Alla’s Journey. Now that I am fully retired, I’m able to work much more consistently on my writing and you will likely see more books coming out in the relatively near future.  Happy Reading!

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