Just sent my next novel to editing.

Very exciting day.  I just sent my first novel in the new series off to the editors.  Of course, like sometimes happens, what was to be one book has turned into two, and I’m am feverishly working on the sequel that will finish the story.  Can’t wait for you all to get a chance to read the new series.  I will be writing at total of 12 books in this series, but do not intend to make them sequential (except the first two of course).  It is a true swords and sorcery series (think Andre Norton and the Witch World series), with some of my traditional twists.

This series was inspired by my grandson, who seems to love reading my books.  He is 13 now and asks me every time I see him when the next book will be done so he can read it.  I believe Derek was sent to keep grandpa’s ego alive and well.

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