Healing Cil #4

The exciting conclusion to this great short story.

When the universe was created, regardless of how you believe it was created.  A great deal of energy was used and dispersed.  This energy flows in, on, around and through everything.  Those of us who were born with the right makeup have the ability to see at least some of this energy in frequencies that can best be described as colors manifest as ribbons or cords.  We call these the power colors, and every living creature can control them whether they can see them or not.  That is the source of the power behind the positive thinking paradigm, prayer chains, and millions of other techniques for changing the universe and how it impacts an individual or the universe itself.

Those of us who can see these power colors though can be trained to combine the colors in a manner that strengthens them for specific uses.  Each of the colors has a group of strengths or uses for which it is most well suited, and the skillful combination of them can have very dramatic effects.

There is a lot of debate around the idea that if we were taught to use different colors to accomplish the same things, it would work every bit as effectively based on the idea that it is all energy and what it does is dictated by our faith in its ability to do that thing.  I don’t think it matters as long as the combinations I learned to use work.

So, what I will do to help you, is draw together the colors that are most effective with healing, strength, nutrition, and creation, then form them into a weave or structure that I know is effective at this type of work.  Finally I will push them into your body.  I will then keep feeding that weave with more of the same power colors and visualize the colors drawing the nutrients into your bones strengthening and thickening them until they reach normal density.

The reason we have had you consuming so much food is that much of what your bones need will be drawn from your body, and your body did not have enough of those nutrients left to make the process successful.

It is possible to draw the same nutrients out of the environment around you and even create them using the power colors, but that takes a significantly larger talent than I possess.  For someone in your condition, there may only be a handful of masters in the realm who could be successful without first building up your strength.

I’m sorry, I wish I were one of those people in this case.  Maybe one day I will be one of them, but for now, the path we have taken is the best path to get you back to health.  Does that make sense?  Or at least answer your question?”

“Thank you ma’am, I have never heard anyone explain what power colors were before.  I guess I had always assumed they were some concoction made of rare minerals and plants, possibly stirred up in a large pot over an open fire.

It is good to hear that they are really just energy.  The impression I got from your description is that they may be like a rainbow, just elements in the air that when caught in the right light appear to be bands of color in the sky.

I kind of like that idea.  But how do you know if you can see these power colors, or if you can’t how do you know if you are manipulating them properly?”

“That appears to be different for different people.  For some they see the colors from birth.  I was one of those and it made life quite difficult for me as a farm girl in a society where masters were not trusted or wanted.  For others, the ability grows on them.  I have heard of some people who see only flashes of light in the beginning but under training, they learn to distinguish the colors and manipulate them to their will.

It is my understanding that most masters were somewhere in between these two cases, gradually becoming aware of the colors as they grew older.

As masters we are taught how to recognize people with the talent by the way the power colors act around them.”

“Do I have the talent then, ma’am?”

“The universe wants to heal anything or anyone who is as ill as you are, so it would be irresponsible to make such an analysis until you are healed.”

“So then I might have the talent, ma’am?”

“It is too early to tell one way or the other with any degree of certainty.”

“Thank you ma’am.  At least you didn’t tell me there is no chance.  So you are going to use the power colors to heal my bones, and then will use them again to heal my muscles.  But both of these efforts will deplete key nutrients from my body.  Won’t the body then just consume them from my bones and muscles when it needs them?”

“If it is starved of them for long enough, yes.  That is what happened in the first place.  But we will help you to consume what you need after the procedures so that your body does not need to do that.  And by helping you to get back into the workforce, we will ensure that you have the means to continue to get the nutrients your body needs.”

“Ma’am, if you can heal my body using the power colors, can you also heal my mind?  I mean, I am trying, but I have spent a lot of years learning to be depressed and fear the unknown.”

“I can help, but those of us who have studied medicine and the case studies associated with it, understand that the mind is not something that can be manipulated the way the rest of the body can.

I can help by encouraging the vitamins and minerals that are used by the brain to flow to it in the proper quantities, and help it to absorb them properly.  That has been very successful in treating disorders such as bi-polar disorder, and depression.  But learning how to help yourself is effective even when the chemical mix is not right, so we always work on that first.

If when we are finished healing your body, you still want me to do so, I will try to get your brain as healthy as possible.  That may help you in your battle, but it will not undo years of training.  Only relearning and self-training will resolve that for you.”

“Thank you ma’am.  I appreciate all that you are doing for me, and I really love these trips to the beach.  You make me feel like I’m important, and that is not something I have felt for many years.”

“You are important.  There is a lot to do first, but I believe, you will be someone truly exceptional in the future.

For now, you are very important to me and my team, showing us how much strength a person can have even when life has not been kind to them.  I am very proud of you.”

“Thank you, ma’am, but to be honest, I am not strong, I just have had no other alternatives.”

“I think sometimes that is what teaches us to be strong.  Look at what Lady Seala has endured, and now she is one of the strongest and most skilled masters in the realm.  I see that kind of strength in you and cannot wait to see how it manifests once we get you healthy again.”

“Ma’am, you are laying it on a bit too thick there.  I am not even remotely in her league.  I would be arrested if I came within a city block of her.”

“Remember you said that.  There will be a day when we laugh about that, I would be willing to put some serious credits on it.

Well, it is starting to get cold and darkness is descending quickly.  I had best get you back so you can get a good night’s rest.  We will be waking you pretty early tomorrow for the procedure.”

“Ma’am, thank you for bringing me out here today.  I have really missed this time with you and your always positive attitude.”

“I enjoy it too.”

With that P’Hilz reached over and touched Cil’s shoulder and the darkening beach disappeared and was replaced by the white light of her room at the infirmary.  Cil, sighed morning the end of the time on the beach.

What a day.  It started with the depression of learning the apprentices would not be able to take me out again, and ended with this trip to the beach with Master P’Hilz.  Amazing.

“Good night Cil, I will see you in the morning.”

“Good night ma’am.”…

”Are you sure Ma’am?  I mean we blocked her as you told me to, but she has shown no sign of having ever been capable.”

“I’m positive P’Hilz.  The manifestations start in the next couple of months near as I can tell.  It will be your task to guide her through this the right way.  She is a key to our success.”

“Yes ma’am.  I will do all that is needed.”

“I know you will. Thank you P’Hilz, you are a true friend.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

P’Hilz felt the link drop and was once again amazed at the woman’s strength.  The pain was so close to the surface, but she never faltered in any way.

P’Hilz shivered at the thought of dealing with such pain constantly and she reaffirmed her respect for her friend.

She shook herself and refocused on the task at hand.  Cil was finally healthy and today she would be released from the infirmary.  P’Hilz still had to convince her to stay here and work for Master O’Rvl so that she could be monitored.

Well, I have some time, I will make my rounds and check on the others first.  That will give me time to formulate a strategy.  Cil still sees herself as a salesperson and I need to convince her that she is not too old to be a student.  Hm..

P’Hilz made her rounds and checked on her patients and Master O’Rvl’s patients since he was off planet for another couple of days.  Then she made her way over to Cil’s room.

“So, how are we doing this morning Cil?  Are you ready to move out of the infirmary?”

“Oh, good morning ma’am.  Yes, I am really ready to move out.  I have packed my extra set of clothes, thank you for that.  Am I correct in assuming you got rid of my old clothing when you provided me with these?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, they were covered in blood and the laundry said they were not in good enough condition to run through the cleaning process.

I hope that is okay.”

“Ma’am, how can I complain, you bought me two new outfits that are nicer than that one was when it was new.  Just wanted to be certain I didn’t leave something behind.  No offense, but I never want to see this place again.”

P’Hilz laughed, she could relate to that sentiment having been a patient herself a couple of times.

“No offense taken.  So have you made a decision, or can I still pitch you on the possibility of staying around for a while?”

“Ma’am, I owe you so much.  How could I deny you the opportunity to pitch your preference?”

“Cil, you do not owe me anything.  I want you to stay because I think there is opportunity for you to excel here.  But you must make your decision based on your desires and goals, not because you owe anyone anything.”

“I’m trying, ma’am, but I cannot forget the fact that I was just waiting for death a couple months ago, and now, I am healthy and with your intervention have an opportunity to rebuild my life.  How can I feel anything other than a debt of gratitude?”

Cil sounds optimistic and happy.  Maybe we’re wrong.  Maybe the best thing for her is to go back to what she knows and get out into the work force once more.

“Stay strong my friend.  You know my visions are always right, even when we don’t want them to be.”

“Yes, ma’am.  I know.  It’s just so encouraging to hear her speaking so confidently about rebuilding her life.  I will stay the course.  Thanks for the nudge.”

“I know you will help her make the right decision.  Take care my friend.  I will see you soon.”

P’Hilz felt her friend withdraw and smiled.

“I understand Cil, and I appreciate how hard the choice is.  I know you will make the right choice for you and your future.

If your choice is to go back to sales, I will understand.  If you decide to stay on here, I would love to work with you some more.  And I will always back you if you choose one path or the other and change your mind later.

I have finished my rounds and have a couple of hours before I have to be at the gym to guide my apprentices in their training.  May I walk with you?”

“Ma’am, I would like that.  Any possibility that walk could be on our beach?”

P’Hilz smiled broadly.

Why didn’t I think of that?  I always think better there too, and it is something she would be giving up if she chooses to go back to sales.

“Oh, that’s an excellent idea.  I could use some fresh air myself.  If you like, I can put your extra clothes in my quarters.  That way you don’t have to commit to a direction quite yet and you don’t have to come back here.”

“Thank you ma’am that would be wonderful.”

Cil handed P’Hilz her small stack of clothes and P’Hilz focused for a moment teleporting them to the table in her study.  Then she reached out and touched Cil’s shoulder gently and focused on the beach.

Cil felt the disorientation of teleporting and then saw the beach and the glistening of the mid-day sun reflecting off the waves.  Only the mountain stream park competed with this place for its peacefulness.  She breathed in the warm damp air and smiled.

“Ma’am, this place is so beautiful.  If I had your talents, I would come here all the time.”

“You do have some ability with the power colors as I have told you.  With some work we might be able to get you to the point where you could teleport.  That is definitely a useful tool.”

“Ma’am, I love that you say such things, but I am a realist. If I had any real talent, you guys would have pulled me into training when I was much younger.”

“It is true that you don’t have as strong a talent as we typically look for.  But you do have talent, and it can be trained to grow.  I’m not trying to suggest that you will become a great master, only that you can learn to use what you have.  I would love to work with you, or I can refer you to someone who will help you wherever you choose to go.”

Cil stared into her eyes for a bit, trying to decide if Master P’Hilz was pulling her leg or not.  It seemed clear that the master was serious.

What do you do with that Cil?  This wonderful, extremely talented woman who saved your life says you can learn to do some of what she does.

Good grief.  What do I do?  If I leave here she will reach out to someone to work with me, but I doubt that they will be as willing to do so as she has been.  But if I stay here, I will be starting over.  Master O’Rvl offered me a job in his marketing department building sales support materials.  But that is not doing sales, and does not come with the commissions and recognition that a good salesperson can earn.

Damn!  Why do you have to be such a nice person Master P’Hilz?

“Are you okay?  I think I lost you for a bit there.”

“Yes, ma’am.  Sorry, I’m just struggling with all the choices you have given me.  Sometimes I think life was easier when I had no choices.  Not that I want to return to that, mind you.”

“I understand, believe me.  Remember, I grew up as a girl on a farm in backwoods nowhere’s-ville.  It is hard to leave what you know, no matter how bad it is.”

Cil smiled at herself.

Master P’Hilz had it just as rough as I did only without the success beforehand.  I really need to keep that in mind when I’m whining.

“Yes, ma’am, I know.  Sorry if it sounded like I didn’t think you understood.  I know you do.  How about we just walk on the beach for a bit and enjoy the environment.”

“That sounds good.  I could use a little quiet time myself.”

Cil turned and started walking down the beach toward the far cliff, and heard master P’Hilz join her half a step behind and to her right.

She is so good at that.  She heard what I meant, not just what I said.  How will I ever find someone who can fill that void?  She is what I need in a friend even when I don’t know I need it.  Amazing.

They walked in silence for nearly an hour, reaching the cliff and returning to the spot that they always teleported too.  During the whole time, Cil struggled with the choice she had to make but as they reached that spot she and Master P’Hilz had share so many times, it all came clear.  This was a choice about who she wanted to be, not what she wanted to be.

I don’t need to be a great salesperson to be happy.  In fact, I know that will not give me happiness.  Being here with master P’Hilz and people who care about me.  That is what makes me happy.  There is no decision to be made here.

As she thought it, she knew it was true.  Healing her body was just the beginning.  Master P’Hilz had given her something far more important.  A healing for her soul.

“I’ve reached my decision, ma’am.  I will take the job Master O’Rvl offered me.  I need to finish healing.  Not my body, my heart.”

P’Hilz could not believe her ears.  That was exactly what Lady Seala had predicted would happen.  And P’Hilz could not believe how happy it made her that Cil would be staying around.

“That’s wonderful Cil.  Thank you for sharing!”

P’Hilz reached out and touched Seala, and felt the immediate recognition and response.

“Ma’am, she chose.  I know you knew it would work out.  But I wanted to share it with you anyway.  Cil is staying here, she has decided to take the job Master O’Rvl offered.”

“That is great.  Now you can help her finish the healing process, and prepare her for her destiny.  Thank you my friend.”

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